Hello earth!

Time to get this blog up and limping slightly fast! That time is not now, but it will arrive, soonish. I guess it is customary to hint at things to come and wild hopes for the future, such as: “There will be lots of exciting stuff on these pages, any day now, any day.” Unfortunately, I have very little planned, so anything exciting will be purely accidental and quite against all expectations. However, I think I can promise a slightly more than mediocre time, and mayhap even the occasional smirk for the few souls seeking solace here in the middle of the enormous experiment in stupidity that – mostly – is the internet. Having no skills or abilities apart from an askewed sense of self importance and a completely useless master’s degree in Literature (note the flabby and pompous capital L!), I will of course use this forum to talk about what’s wrong with and in the world. Look out for the sly mediasatire to come in later posts! It will border on the downright…satirical… And – don’t you know it – being a filmbuff, I’ll just assume the world – meaning my wife and a few select friends, I expect – will lap up the occasional film review with the thirst of mad camels.

Seawolf, signing out of the Nostromo.


2 Responses to “Hello earth!”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Hello World!

    Speaking from Madrid, Spain. Here it is not better than in any other place in the world. I do not know if you will have enough virtual space to point out every single thing that works badly in the world. So good luck in your expedition! I hope you can find any kind of solution while discovering what people thinks about this topic.
    Someone here, not to be named:), is wondering if the first film to be reviewed would be Badlands by Terrence Malick. It is her idea and wants it to be considered as an option.:)

    Lo dicho: ¡ánimo y buena suerte!

  2. anotherkindofclay Says:

    Hi there, Lucy. As you say, I can have faint hope in decribing, much less curing, the ailments of the world. I wanted to say that the amount of idiots that populate the world is in direct opposition to their importance to it. However, they seem to procreate with the rate of bunnies, so that sentence would be wrong. Numbers are important.
    Where I come from, some centuries ago, we had a ruling system called “Enlightened Rule by One”, or something like it (my translation isn’t all that good). More and more I feel that would be a model to return to. The problem is that the one (that ruled) was never then (enightened), and I don’t think would ever be in the future very enlightened, except in name. So I will have to quote one of the greatest thinkers of this century, Mr. George Walker Bush, and say: “If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier – so long as I’m the dictator”.
    Well, this is neither here nor there. As you can see, I have not written much yet. I’m still trying to sort out technical problems – how to insert pictures, videos,give links, etc., so I suspect it will be some time before my blog is even close to how I want it. But thanks for dropping in!! (I don’t even know how to make smileyfaces on the computer… This is what happens when you get old…)

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