Who Shall Lead Them?

Dear friends, romans and non-romans! I hate to do it, but now is not the time anymore to run barefoot through fall leaves while home and hearth awaits eternal. Now is the time for politics and truths so close to lies that no man alive can hope to know the difference.

With just some forty days to go before a handful of Americans are to vote for their next president, I thought it only fair to flag this blogauthor’s opinion about whom is best suited to lead the stumbling giant. I think that what one must foremost have in mind, is that it is not – as the Media and its owners would have you believe – a choice between John McCain and Barack Obama. I think they would both be vastly more competent for the job as leader in name than W., but who wouldn’t? More important than the election of a new president, is the election of an entire machinery; from the immediate white house staff to an entire system of propaganda. Thus, one should have in mind which apparatus of misinformation one prefers. I think I prefer to be misled by Obama rather than McCain, if not for other reasons than the childishness of the lies we have seen by the current republican administration – and of course the repercussions they’ve had on the rest of the world.

However, maybe the biggest tip of the scale towards the democrat side in this campaign, has – for me, at least – been McCain’s baffling nomination of Sarah Palin as VP. One would think that the good senator and former POW would have listened with more than half an ear to some of the concern that has been voiced about his age. People are fearing that he can die at any moment – or at least be rendered unable to pretend to lead the country – and the single most important thing he could do to remedy this fear was to appoint a more or less capable and more or less sane person as his candidate for the Vice Presidency. But no. Some of the people in his campaign – or even just one very loud smart ass recent graduate from the Ivy League with pretensions of understanding demographics, political correctness and “what the people want” – have evidently been adamant that since the other side had put the minority card into play, well then, by golly, so should they! … “Women are a minority, right, Jeff?” “Uh-huh. Think so.” “Ok, then. Senator McCain… we’ve looked at the numbers and they all point to one fact. You need a woman”. “Is that a fact?” “Yes, sir. It is”.

Of course, finding a woman in the Republican Party with a semblance of leadership experience, or abilities other than being able to appear solidly spousal, can’t have been easy. The quest for the woman made minutes turn into hours and hours into more hours. Then one day, after weeks of surfing on the Republinet: “Senator, senator! We’ve found one. In Alaska”. Prepare for Sarah Palin: (Go here for a summary of her “official” political positions. And take a look here how embarrassing it can be when she can’t think of a single ruling by the supreme court apart from the Roe v Wade (pro choice) they’ve already discussed…)

Let me now stress that I don’t have anything against Alaska or women – on the contrary – but this person gives me goose bumps, and not the good kind. Since I don’t know her personally, I shall not call her stupid, although all evidence points in that direction. (Here is an excerpt of Katie Couric’s “feature-interview” with her. Note how she can’t name a single newspaper and see how she refuses to answer a single question…) I shall, however, call her narrow minded, bigoted and a danger to the entire world. Just on evidence by the infamous Katie Couric-interview, I think we can safely say she is a liar and a religious zealot. Her talk about “the good guys and the bad guys” toward the end of the interview has to supersede even the poorer verbal blunders of W. I can’t imagine anyone less states(wo)manlike. Worse, of course, is the idea she proclaims, that if a country’s leader is bad – or “a bad guy”, in her words – then the entire people of that country might just as well die in a nuclear holocaust for all she cares. If the rest of the world put credence in such an idea, USA would’ve been in even deeper trouble these days.

Keeping this short, I shall take my leave of politics for now, and pronounce this blog’s support of Obama in the presidential “race”. Not because we believe in him, but because the other side is worse, and – I fear – by much.

By the way, speaking of race. Why are they always running? Why can’t they “ever walk for president”, or stroll slightly fast if they absolutely must speed up? I’m betting John McCain would’ve preferred a breather or two. I know I would.

(And finally; this clip from SNL might prove funny or alleviating if you’ve sufficiently perused the above links and become as embarrassed as I myself did while watching them).


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