My IMDB-Ratings

One day I should publish a book of mini reviews of  five thousand films or so in the style of Leonard Maltin‘s Movie Guide. By the time I have the means, though, – and the prestige one has to flaunt – I guess the need for consulting the printed word in matters like this is by far a thing of the past. Thus, in order to give the readers of this blog an impression of what films I hold in esteem and what films I consider esteemless, not to say esteemly challenged, I present you all with my IMDB ratings.

I have the last year or so been rating films I have seen and remembered well enough to give them a fair score. As of this writing, they number just under 1800 films. These ratings have come about usually because I’ve had to look up a certain actor I didn’t remember; or double check the director of that 80s horror comedy; or whether this and that Western was based upon a novel, an article or an original script. You get the drift. The ratings can be found under the categories’ headings on the right margin of the blog, specifically under Films & TV. So now, you don’t have any excuse if you sit at home and wonder whether to bother watching The Musketeer and decide that yes, a film about musketeers can never be that bad (it can!). Sort by name and look for the letter M and there you’ll find the film. If you do so, the next two hours of your life will suck just a little bit less if you follow my advice. Then again, maybe you’ll find that you violently disagree with me. If so, you are always free to drop me a more or less polite line. Perhaps one day I will have written an informed opinion of all these films here on this blog. I wouldn’t bet on it, though. For the time being, I’ll only say: Look out, Lenny. I’m aiming for you and your two stars for Blue Velvet and Donnie Darko!


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